How long does it take to implement a route optimization system? A week, two weeks, or maybe more? With our expertise, you can improve your business in less than 24 hours. See how GeoTraxx implementation works, step by step.

Decide today – start using it today

The program can be run within 24 hours from ordering it. Payments are based on a monthly basis.

First, enter the information about drivers and vehicles

In order to define the routes in the most effective way, the following information should be entered:

  • Vehicle’s type
  • Vehicle’s capacity
  • Number of pallets the vehicle can carry
  • Driver’s work time
Then, enter customers’ and drivers’ addresses

This is particularly useful if your delivery addresses are not changing very often. This list can be edited at any moment.

Enter deliveries/tasks for the next cycle

Your routes will be calculated  in accordance with the usual working model.

Your routes are ready!

You receive the shortest route plans, which helps you save time, money, and manage your employees more effectively.


When your employees are stuck in traffic, you lose not only time and money – you also risk falling behind on your schedule. We’ll help you change it  – find out yourself how GeoTraxx improves your business in 24 hours.


Start saving with GeoTraxx