Warranty service, complaints about the quality of delivered goods or services, returns, any other claims – make them easier. Why does your customer have to wait 30 days to process the complaint? Why the legitimacy of a complaint often has to be assessed by people who do not know the typical characteristics of a product? Qualified field agents will handle the complaint faster and more efficiently – right from the first contact with the customer. But they need a reliable tool – GeoTraxx.

How can GeoTraxx support complaint handling process?

When a courier delivers the goods bought via the Internet, the customer should open it and check that everything is in accordance with the order. If he opens the package after the courier leaves and the goods are faulty, he/she can do two things: send the package back using the post office or courier company or go to a stationary service point.

With GeoTraxx, there is a third possibility. The customer can use multiple remote contact channels – call center and mobile agents handling the complaint process. Thanks to this the whole procedure will go smoothly.
So let’s see how it’s done!

1. When there are many complaints orders, it is worthwhile to arrange them so that mobile agents can easily handle them. Many tasks, one tool – that’s what GeoTraxx is. Field agents will be given tasks adapted to their area and their daily plan will be arranged optimally to reduce transport costs.


2. The dispatcher can constantly monitor the work. If any disturbances (traffic jams, delays, unforeseen situations) occur during the execution of the task, the client who is next in line will be notified.


3. Field agents receive a list of tasks on daily basis.


4. Field agents can easily contact customer using the mobile application.


5. Agents have an easy navigation to customer’s location and efficient reporting tool.


6. Agents can document their visits at customer’s place by adding photos, notes and many other attachments.


What do you achieve with GeoTraxx?

  • Shorter time of warranty claim evaluation – customer care responds immediately, not in 30 days
  • Decreased expenses for transport – route optimization
  • Less second attempt visits – field agents with specification
  • Enhanced customer experience – less waiting, immediate problem solving

GeoTraxx will greatly increase your customer’s experience and quality of service, and they will be much more likely to recommend your company to their friends and family.​ If you want to learn more about details regarding the implementation of GeoTraxx for complaint handling, sign up for a dedicated showcase just for your company!