less kilometers traveled


less vehicles used


shorter planning time


more tasks
performed by the same fleet

  • Your delivery routes are optimized based on Google Maps and real-time traffic data. This results in a reduction in transport cost, completing more tasks using less vehicles and on-time deliver
  • Your planning is more effective – defining the routes and planning the vehicles’ load is automated and takes less than an hour. You can plan your tasks multiple times a day
  • You can manage your business with more flexibility – you can monitor the current status of deliveries without any additional GPS devices and quickly apply necessary corrections.

You don’t need GeoTraxx if:

  • Defining the optimal routes takes you less than 15 minutes

  • It’s fine for you if your drivers take care of their private matters during delivery runs

  • You don’t need to save on transport

  • All of your deliveries are always on time

Find out how to plan the shortest routes in an automated way and start saving with GeoTraxx!

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