How can GeoTraxx support ATM outage management?

GeoTraxx is an ultimate solution both for daily service and solving emergency requests. If there is an ATM failure, bank customers are the first to encounter it. GeoTraxx can be integrated with the bank’s mobile application so that customers can report problems. See how it works step by step:

1. Bank’s client reports problem via bank application.

2. Dispatcher receives the request and can inform third-party service team about the incident, and…


3. … sets the SLA conditions and assign tasks/incidents with automatic optimization or manual assigning.


4. Service team receives
tasks via mobile app.


5. Then gets navigated
with Google Maps.


6.  Any troubles can be easily reported using photo, note or any other attachment.


What does GeoTraxx bring to your business?

  • Enhanced customer experience – short time from reporting to repair
  • Shorter time of issue reporting – direct reporting from end clients
  • Decreased expenses on repairs – less kilometers driven with the route optimization
  • Smaller number of repair visits – thanks to skill-based task assignment

GeoTraxx will increase your customer’s experience and quality of service. Your clients will be much more likely to recommend your company to their friends and family.​ If you would like to learn more about implementation of GeoTraxx for banking, sign up for a dedicated showcase for your company!

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