Do you spend a lot of time planning delivery routes? Are you trying to optimize them, but it doesn’t always work? GeoTraxx can do it for you – it’s a solution for route planning that fits different business models.

Using GeoTraxx you will:

  • have the shortest possible travel routes – taking traffic under consideration
  • save time spent on planning the routes
  • reduce transportation costs
  • save resources for your business development

Learn more about GeoTraxx usage for:

How can GeoTraxx help your business?

Routes planning

Automated planning and optimization

  • Setting optimal routes which consider traffic conditions
  • Periodical tasks
  • The plan can be modified by a logistician
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly planning


Get detailed data on driving and unloading time

  • Time spent on the road and unloading time – connected to the delivery, place, and client type
  • Analysis of available cargo space
  • Analysis of the long-term use of the fleet

Planning completition and loading

Support for an order of the truck loading

  • Completion plan
  • Loading plan for each vehicle
  • Considers load, vehicle type, and capacity

Monitor your delivery status

You can see an up-to-date status of the delivery

  • Delivery timeline of each vehicle
  • Drivers have access to the delivery plan on their smartphones
  • Drivers location is displayed on the map
  • Up-to-date monitoring of delivery status